Family Resources

Information to Make the Transition Easier

Our family resources and information is compiled to assist parents in

  • Applying for subsidized childcare
  • Enrolling your child at Kensington Kids
  • Getting through the first week

Subsidized Childcare

Kensington Kids is contracted with the City of Toronto to provide care for subsidized families.

Information on subsidy is also available on the City of Toronto’s website or by calling (416) 392-KIDS (5437) to find out if you qualify and to be added to the subsidy waiting list.

Assessed fees vary depending on family income. It’s definitely worth making the call. Many families are pleasantly surprised to learn they qualify and it’s a simple procedure.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a normal stage of development.

Every child may experience it to different degrees and in various ways, and every parent, too!

For some children, this may be the first time away from their parents or caregiver. Some children cry for one or two days, some for an entire month. In some cases, children do not cry at all for the first week or so, and then start to experience some separation issues when it is time to say goodbye over the next week or two. Other children are fine the whole day but become upset when parents arrive in the evening.

Whatever happens, remember we have a wonderful team of Early Childhood Educators who are trained and prepared to help. Our staff will reassure and comfort your child, help to distract him/her with activities and work hard to make your child feel secure and happy in their new learning environment.

Here are some tips that may help with this transition period:

  • Tears, however distressing are perfectly normal and will not last forever. Often just after you leave, your child will stop crying within a short time and begin to engage in classroom activities. Feel free to call the centre after you leave to check on your child.
  • Always tell your child beforehand where they are going and what will be happening.
  • Download photos of the staff and children from your child’s classroom to talk about with your child.
  • After the gradual admission period is over, try to pick your child up at relatively the same time each day, as this helps them adjust to their routine sooner.
  • Parents are always welcome to stay and join in the program with their child, but when it is time for you to leave, always say goodbye. Reassure your child you will be back. Some parents may be tempted to “tiptoe” out of the room to avoid tears, but this may cause the child to feel abandoned and afraid, so please make a point, however difficult, of saying goodbye.

It is important for your child to observe a positive relationship between you and the staff. Talk about the centre and staff in positive terms so that your child feels you are comfortable and happy with the centre. Talk with staff to establish good rapport. If your child uses special or unique words to express washroom use or for a special possession, please let us know, otherwise the child may feel frustrated when we do not understand.

Remember this stage does not last forever and soon your child will be eager to leave for day care every morning!