What Our Parents Say About Us

We are fortunate to have such wonderful families support our centre!
Here are some of the nice things they’ve said about us.

“Kensington Kids has been a special place for my family since my oldest daughter started there as an infant. We love the warm, welcoming atmosphere, the music sessions and the fact that breakfast is provided every morning. The staff are knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. I left for work every day certain that my daughter would be well cared for. She grew and learned so much in her four years at Kensington, and I hope to enroll my new baby as well.” -Kristin, mother of two

“At Kensington Kids, our children are immersed amongst a diverse population of ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and its relativity to the city’s best amenities like museums, transit, markets and art allow the children to experience an array of enriching outings. The physical location of the centre combined with the high quality programs and care provided fulfills how we envision our children’s upbringing.” -Kory, mother of three

“When it came time for us to choose care for our son, we visited several childcare centres. Kensington Kids was the one that felt right with its cheerful staff, homey atmosphere and happy kids busy playing and learning. It’s a couple years and another son later and we are confident that we made the best choice. It’s like a second family!” -Erin, mother of two